Parking Meters

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You Can Now Park At Broken Meters In Los Angeles

Although we never followed the rules anyway, Los Angeles City Council just voted that drivers can park at broken meters without getting ticketed. That stupid policy, which made just generally cranky Angelenos into forces of […]


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Yay! West Hollywood Extends Their Parking Meter Hours!

In “just what we needed” news, the West Hollywood city council approved extending parking meter hours, meaning the already ridiculously expensive city just got a little bit more ridiculous and expensive. Many of WeHo’s parking […]

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LA Makes Ban On Parking At Broken Meters Official

Remember back in the halcyon days of your youth when finding a broken parking meter meant you got to park for free? Those were the days. But now greedy old Los Angeles  and their evil […]


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Jacked Up News: Woman Sues Santa Monica For Installing New Parking Meters

Chiggity check yoself before you wreck yoself, if you think new parking meters are bad for your health. According to LAist, Santa Monica inhabitant Denise Barton has plans to sue the city for $1.7 billion in […]