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credit: CBS

’1 Minute Parking’ Sign Posted In Brentwood

BRENTWOOD ( — Whatever you need, make it quick! The posh Brentwood neighborhood is taking parking restrictions to a whole new level. The City of Los Angeles recently installed a “1 Minute Parking” sign in […]


Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

You Can Now Park At Broken Meters In Los Angeles

Although we never followed the rules anyway, Los Angeles City Council just voted that drivers can park at broken meters without getting ticketed. That stupid policy, which made just generally cranky Angelenos into forces of […]



Man Gets Car In Ex’s Name, Engages In More Than $100,000 Of Revenge

Next time you start complaining about your crazy ex that still texts you 3am insults ten years after the relationship came to an end, a) look into a restraining order and b) remember the tale […]



[JACKed Up Video] Man Hates Tickets, Cuts Down Parking Meter With Chainsaw

Like you’ve never wanted to do the same thing.



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