[Video] Seinfeld… THE GREAT

The internet is really a magical thing, churning out greatness at 200-gigs-per-second. It’s hard to believe nobody used it back in the 1990’s… Hey, know what else happened in the 1990’s? Why, Seinfeld, of course! […]


Remembering The King Of Parody Leslie Nielsen

Take a moment. Look at this photo. Notice anything goofy? Airplane! surely was a great film. The Naked Gun trilogy surely brings some of the funniest moments in movie history. And Leslie Nielsen? Surely one […]


TSA Getting Too Frisky? Pack Your Fig Leaf

With TSA’s new “Check Out My Junk” policy, citizens all over are frightened, confused, and downright angry. And why shouldn’t we? Our Christmas Party was ruined last year because somebody thought a full-body scanner would […]