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Play-Doh’s Penis Looking Toy Creates Long, Hard Facebook Censorship Dispute

By Jordy Altman Won’t somebody please think of the children! Everybody knows Play-Doh as the fun, imaginative pliable dough that kids use to build anything his or her little hearts desire. Christmas mornings used to […]


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How Much Do You Think Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Penis is Worth?

If you’ve been living under a rock, good, stay there. Nothing to see here and that rock seems pretty cozy and peaceful. If you haven’t been, you’ve probably heard the news that the late Bob […]


Friend Gives Buddy Tattoo, Suprise! It’s A Penis!

Bros will be bros. Remember back in the good ol’ days when instead of giving each other tattoos, friends would walk down to the corner store and kick the can around? Those were some crazy […]


Best Family Feud Response Ever?

So many jokes I want to make in this introduction but alas, I want to preserve the moment. Do yourself a favor, click on that little more tab, and be prepared to laugh…


New Orleans Newscaster Gets To The Point…Of Penis

Penis talk can happen anywhere.  On a boat, on the bus and even on your local nightly news broadcast.  Just ask WNGO 26 news broadcaster Michael Hill.  He stopped to ask the most important question […]