(Adam Ihsel/AFP/Getty Images)

Morrissey Signs One Copy of ‘Autobiography’ to Benefit PETA

Fans in Sweden were treated to Europe’s only Autobiography book signing event, with over 500 fans from around the world lining up (some for more than 30 hours) for the author to pen his signature in a copy.


Joan Jett Hands Out Vegan Starter Kits in New York

[lastfm]Joan Jett[/lastfm], musician behind such tunes as “I Love Rock n’ Roll” played a different tune today, publicly promoting vegetarianism in New York. Sing it: “I love not-eating-animals, so shape some more soy, so it […]


Hot Dog! Octomom Makes Deal with PETA

Octomom Nadya Suleman has accepted a deal with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to help bail her out of foreclosure. She will put this sign in front of her house in exchange for $5,000 […]