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Multitasking All Your Damn Gadgets Can Make You Depresso Says Study

Fall asleep cradling your iPhone, your iPad, and the television remote? Your uber-American multitasking disease that according to unofficial JACK FM studies afflicts 99.9% of all people everywhere is probably making you into a Prozac […]


Bug Circus

[JACKed Up Video] Bug Circus Generator Powers Man’s Cell Phone

A cell phone with bugs is better than a cell phone with a virus. HEY-O!


Always Connected

Are YOU Always Connected? A Day In The Digital Life

Do you text? Do you call? Do you roam? Do you drop? Do you die? Do you recharge? Do you email? Do you surf? Do you Tweet? Do you Facebook? Do you play Angry Birds? […]



Take That, Telemarketer: Man Pranks Unwanted Caller With Police Scare

How is it that telemarketers always know the worst time to call? Dinnertime, sexy time, watching a movie, playing with the kids… doesn’t matter to these phone calling phoneys.  There must be some sort of […]


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Jack’s Summer School – Music Appreciation

Welcome to Week 6 of Summer School. Listen to 93.1 Jack-FM all this week at 9am, 3pm & 1pm. Be caller 13 to 866-931-JACK and win a pair of tickets to see Journey, Foreigner & […]


[Video] Aww, Ya Know. Just Chillin’ In Dublin, You?

In Dublin, a leprechaun girl hands her phone to President Obama.


Call JACK And Sing – The Phoneroke Hall Of Fame

See if you can peg the crazy meter at 866.931.JACK. Why not share some of the worst best call-in karaoke voice-mails we’ve had from the past? After all, it’s not everyday we get a chance […]


The Best Drunk Karaoke Fails

Don’t you know that karaoke is a natural aphrodisiac? So it’s National Karaoke Week and we know the JACK FM listeners do THE BEST karaoke. Always calling in and serenading us… truly, your rendition of […]


[Video] Best Terrible And/Or Funny Police Phone Calls Of All Time

Here’s a quiz. Don’t worry – its multiple choice. It’s OK to call the police when: A)   A rapist tried to take your kids and your wife. B)   Someone broke into your car and took […]