(Photo by Dave Mangels/Getty Images for VEVO)

Average Woman Spends Five Hours A Week Taking Selfies

By Sarah Carroll It sounds like a headline from The Onion, but we’ll admit it. We’re absolutely guilty of taking a selfie or two…or five, but according to a new study, this 21st century epidemic […]


(Photo by Bryan Adams)

Bryan Adams Discusses Photographing Elton John, Mick Jagger & More [VIDEO]

The singer told CBS Local putting ‘Exposed,’ his new photography book, together nearly killed him and what it was like working with celebrities like Elton John and Amy Winehouse.



New Beatles Photo Book Captures Early Tours – At A Steep Price

With all of the documentaries, movies, books and interviews that have highlighted the career of the Beatles, you would think there is nothing left to be seen. That, apparently, is not the case. A newly-released […]


Securing Our Dumpy, Little Building: Remembering Robert Leslie Dean

The Dumpy Little Building in Beautiful Downtown Culver City lost a good man this month. We do not know all the details at this time, but it appears Robert Leslie Dean, age 61, has passed […]


Human Bones Become Art

Human bones? Huh! What are they good for? Well, besides holding us all upright, they are also good for making pieces of art. That is, if your name is Francois Robert. Check out more of […]