Your HORROR-SCOPES for the WEEK!!!!!

We now reside in the time of PISCES. What does Dr. Cranfill foresee for all the signs in this installment of HORROR-SCOPES? And why is he only using POWER SONGS from the soundtrack of Topher […]


Dr. Cranfill presents….HORROR-SCOPES!!!!

We are still languishing under the sign of Aquarius until February 20th when we move into Pisces. What say Dr. Cranfill on Aquarius and Pisces? And the rest of for that matter? Find out in this […]


Horror-scopes!!! (Mar. 14-21, 2010)

We’re in the time of Pisces. Das fish. Who know’s what Dr. Cranfill’s HORRORSCOPE has in store for you? Scroll to your sign and find out.