Pizza Hut

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Pizza Hut To Start Selling Gluten Free Pizza

It was just announced that starting January 26th, 2,400 Pizza Hut locations nationwide will start sellingGluten Free pizza. For $9.99 you’ll be able to get a 10-inch, six-slice pizza, which is CERTIFIED gluten-free. They have teamed […]



Pizza Hut’s New ‘Subconscious Menu’ Reads Your Mind By Following Eye Movement

Creepy or deliciously genius? Pizza Hut has introduced the world’s first subconscious menu that predicts what your taste buds are craving by tracking eye movement. The pizza chain’s new ‘retina tracking’ menu is powered by […]


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Australian Pizza Hut Offers Free Small Pet With Purchase Of 10 Large Pizzas

By Nadia Noir Unless we’re suffering through a kids birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (or watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles–Splinter!), we usually like our pizzas rodent-free. But an Australian Pizza Hut in the southeast […]


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Munchie Report: Get Half Off Domino’s Pizza If You Order Online This Week

By Nadia Noir We discovered something about you, JACK listeners. You love food. Like, really love it. Maybe more than music, maybe more than life, maybe more than sex. That last one is negotiable but […]


The Ultimate Hershey's Chocolate Chip Cookie, Now Available at Pizza Hut (PRNewsFoto/Pizza Hut)

Pizza Hut Unveils 8-Inch Chocholate Chip Pizza Cookie

By Nadia Noir While we all say ciao to our sugar-fueled chow down on Crumbs cupcakes (RIP), a desert much dreamed about (and fetishized) in the ’90s is back–the pizza cookie. And it’s available to […]


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10 Porno Plot Lines That She Will Find Romantic This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us! Just like every other year, your wife or girlfriend has some crazy reason why the two of you shouldn’t watch a porno together. And just like every other year, your crying […]


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The Black Keys Sue Casino Over “Howlin’ For You” Rip-Off Commercials

With bands continually looking for ways to augment income in face of decreasing across-the-board record sales, brazen advertisers have allowed the Black Keys to turn commercial lawsuits into a lucrative revenue stream. After already successfully […]



The Great Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza From Pizza Hut

We here at JACK love the culinary arts. Well, who doesn’t love food? As Americans, we feel that we have come up with some of the best food on the planet. From chicken and waffles, donut hamburgers, and the […]


Ninja Turtle Mask

[JACKed Up News] Confused Man In Ninja Turtle Mask Robs Wendy’s Instead Of Pizza Hut

“But, Master Splinter taught me the virtues of petty theft!” Sorry kid, but no one’s gonna believe that one. Mutant ooze made you do it? Was it a stunt to catch the Foot Clan? Or […]


[JACKed Up News] Masked Men Try To Rob Pizza Hut, End Up Shot Or Dead

Amidst this hiss of smoke rising from their lead arms, the red-neon of the ovens cast an extra-large glow on the scene of the crime. The Pizza Hut employees hand-tossed their guns to the ground […]