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Not Stoner Pizza, but we're sure stoners would love this pizza. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Altadena’s Pizza of Venice Selling Cheese Pizza For $4.20 Today

By Nadia Noir High, ermm, hi! Today is the best unofficial/official stoner holiday ever–4/20. To celebrate, Pizza of Venice in Altadena, which was voted Best Stoner Pizza by LA Weekly,  is selling cheese pizzas for […]


(Photo by Jordy Altman)

Rating LA Dodgers Food Concessions From First to Worst

By Jordy Altman There’s nothing more American than stuffing your face at a baseball park and Dodger Stadium is home to some of the best food vendors in America. With hundreds of concession choices, it […]


This is actually an ice cream cone but we were limited with our photo choices (Photo by Keystone//Getty Images)

Cats Stealing Pizza Because Who Wouldn’t: Watch

By Nadia Noir  How do you like your pizza? We like it with extra meow-zerella and the kind of crust we can really sink our…claws into? Cats are hunters by nature, so they won’t hesitate […]


(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

#NationalPizzaDay: 5 Cheesy Songs About Pizza

By Nadia Noir In our world, every day should be #NationalPizzaDay, but for some reason, someone decided there was only one day out of the year that we get to #celebrate this illustrious occasion. We’ve […]


(credit: 800 Degrees)

Celebrate National Pizza Day Today: Best Pizza In L.A.

Sure, regular pizza is still great, but if you’re looking for something special, check out these top five pizza places in LA.


(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Caesars Entertainment)

#NationalPizzaDay: Watch This Weird Video Of Guy Fieri Eating Pizza To “Killing Me Softly”

By Nadia Noir With his outdated bowling shirts and his bleached-tipped hair, Guy Fieri is supposed to be the working man’s hero; driving around drink beers and eating every fattastic thing he can get his […]


(Photo by Mario Laporta//Getty Images)

#NationalPizzaDay: Best Pizza In Los Angeles To Grab After A Show

By Caitlyn Trudnich Whether you have dinner plans, getting a snack at a show, looking for a late-night bite – pizza is always a good call!  Who doesn’t crave the delicious combination of gooey cheese, […]


This isn't from Delicious Pizza, but it looks super delicious. (Guillaume Meyer/AFP/Getty Images)

#NationalPizzaDay: Iconic Los Angeles Hip-Hop Label Opens Pizza Shop In West Adams

By Nadia Noir  Most people hate everything, but most people can agree on one things that really love–pizza. If you’d rather eat pizza than make-out, “bust a move” on a “bizarre ride” to Los Angeles’ […]


(credit: Pitfire Pizza)

Celebrate National Pizza Day With The Best Pizza Spots In O.C.

While Pizza is one of the most versatile foods available. finding the best pizza in your area is another story. With that said though, you can find great pizza options whether you’re a vegetarian or […]


(Photo by Tim Clary//AFP//Getty Images)

Watch A Pizza Guy Deliver Pizza Riding A Bike Through A Blizzard [Video]

By Nadia Noir Next time you feel like complaining about a little Southern California drizzle or a cold-snap of 50 degrees, imagine what it’s like to be a pizza guy virtual tobogganing through a blizzard. […]