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#NationalPizzaDay: Best Pizza In Los Angeles To Grab After A Show

By Caitlyn Trudnich Whether you have dinner plans, getting a snack at a show, looking for a late-night bite – pizza is always a good call!  Who doesn’t crave the delicious combination of gooey cheese, […]


This isn't from Delicious Pizza, but it looks super delicious. (Guillaume Meyer/AFP/Getty Images)

#NationalPizzaDay: Iconic Los Angeles Hip-Hop Label Opens Pizza Shop In West Adams

By Nadia Noir  Most people hate everything, but most people can agree on one things that really love–pizza. If you’d rather eat pizza than make-out, “bust a move” on a “bizarre ride” to Los Angeles’ […]


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Celebrate National Pizza Day With The Best Pizza Spots In O.C.

While Pizza is one of the most versatile foods available. finding the best pizza in your area is another story. With that said though, you can find great pizza options whether you’re a vegetarian or […]


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Watch A Pizza Guy Deliver Pizza Riding A Bike Through A Blizzard [Video]

By Nadia Noir Next time you feel like complaining about a little Southern California drizzle or a cold-snap of 50 degrees, imagine what it’s like to be a pizza guy virtual tobogganing through a blizzard. […]



Pizza Hut’s New ‘Subconscious Menu’ Reads Your Mind By Following Eye Movement

Creepy or deliciously genius? Pizza Hut has introduced the world’s first subconscious menu that predicts what your taste buds are craving by tracking eye movement. The pizza chain’s new ‘retina tracking’ menu is powered by […]


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Check Out Papa John’s Stoner-Approved Fritos Chili Pizza

By Nadia Noir With the proliferation of marijuana being legalized (both medical and recreational), food can officially be marketed to stoners–even though we all know that’s been “unofficially” been going on for awhile. It’s like […]


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Now You Can Buy Pot-Infused Pizza Sauce From An L.A. Dispensaries

By Nadia Noir Mmmm, marijuana marinara for the midnight munchies. Recently, a local pizza joint announced they were releasing weed pizza and all the stoners attempted to get off their couches to rejoice. Now, if […]


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Marijuana Pizza Now Available In Los Angeles For Those Who Want To Get Totally Baked

By Jordy Altman Don’t eat another slice, man – you’re already too high! Weed enthusiasts are living in an exciting time. The War on Drugs is over, tie-dye is cool again, and new states continue […]


Photo courtesy of South End

$1 Pizzas In Venice This Weekend: Get Your Grub On

Pizza lovers, get ready, because this weekend, South End in Venice Beach is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of their opening with $1 pizzas. Yeah, not just slices here people, we’re talking full pizzas to […]


Not Delicious Pizza but probably delicious pizza (Photo by Alex Wong//Getty Images)

Burglar Sues Pizzeria For $260,000 for Thwarting His Robbery

By Jordy Altman He’ll take a large cheese with extra justice. Everybody loves pizza. In fact, every year hundreds of people dedicate their lives to that cheesy, saucy disc of dough. Many people have achieved […]