Dominos Moon

Domino’s Want To Be First Pizza Parlor On The Moon

In a bizarre publicity stunt, the President of Domino’s Pizza Japan reminds us that dreams really do come true… IN SPACE. Yes. Domino’s wants to be the first pizza joint on the Moon. Sure, why […]


Jon Stewart Attacks Donald Trump Over Proper Pizza Decorum

Is there a proper way to eat a pizza? Jon Stewart Says YES.


Pizza Saves Woman When Guy Dials 9-1-1

This just proves that any diet is the WRONG diet if pizza is not involved. Our six-month binge of pizza and beer was the right choice after all!


Part Time Pizza Delivery Job, $31,000/Hour. Interested?

As an American, have you ever felt that you have taken your pizza for granted? Think about it: with no more than a phone call, you could have two extra-large, extra-cheese, extra-garlic-sauce-on-the-side, deep dish pepperoni […]