Playmate Jamie Edmondson Is Back In Skimpy Football Gear

It was only a matter of time until Jamie Edmondson’s wonderful football body wound up back on our website… but this time she highlights only the best moments in Superbowl history. That, of course, means […]


Hugh Hefner: ‘Women Are Sex Objects’

And the most shocking revelation of the day is, everyone wait for it…Hugh Hefner says sexist things and treats women like objects! We know that Hefner is not popular with the old school feminist set […]


Playmates Remind Us Why The Macarena Is Great

Look, we could bore you with a lot of fluffy talk here or you could just check out the video of these Playmates doing the macarena after the jump. The choice is yours.


3-D Playboy! The ‘D’ Stands for Delightful

The June issue of Playboy will include a bonus 3-D centerfold featuring Playmate of the Year Hope Dworacxyk (try saying that five times fast) photographed with a special 3-D camera. Sweet, it’s like Avatar but […]