pole dancing

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Top 10 Rock Songs For Pole Dancing

Creepers gonna creep, that’s why we guarantee there will be some bonafide creepers hanging around the Los Angeles Convention Center today and tomorrow for the 2013 Pacific Pole Championships. Over 15o leggy ladies will be […]



The Best Ways To Workout In Los Angeles

Oh, the land of opportunity, the great city of angels. After all, it is the entertainment capitol of the world, therefore one must constantly entertain his or herself. Here are some pragmatic ways to entertain one’s […]


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Swing And A Miss! Best Pole Dancing FAILS Of All Time

During our weekly debate (we like to stay topical here at Jack FM), we argued that Pole Dancing should be an Olympic event. Or to be fair, it should start as an event at the […]


Harry Potter Dubstep Pole Dance? (Slightly NSFW)

The very last installment of the Harry Potter movie franchise hits the theatres tonight at midnite. Stumbling around the internets looking for something Harry Potter-esque to post up here at JACK FM, I found this video […]