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Pepper Spray: The Truth About The Deadly Police Weapon [Infographic]

On November 18th, 2011, Police officers on the campus of University of California, Davis, were filmed casually dousing nonviolent protesters with a solution called O.C. spray – better known as pepper spray. Not Orange County […]


MIKE NELSON / AFP / Getty Images

Naked Carjacking Suspect Taken Down By Police Dog In Whittier, CA [VIDEO]

Weekend, couch, football, beer, hijack a Hummer limousine , have a police dog almost bite off your Johnson, jail, football, couch, rinse, repeat. Just another weekend in Whittier!


John Gichigi / Getty Images

Man Robs Hotel Full of Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

Who’d win in a fight: A criminal with a gun and a bag full o’ money, or a UFC Mixed Martial Arts champion? Well, you no longer have to imagine this kind of fight; earlier this month, […]


POV Of Brazilian Squad Car Ramming Into Criminal’s Airplane

Sometimes, the best action films are shot on a cell phone. In Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, a set of criminals attempted to get away with $115,000 worth of smuggled goods by jumping into their plane and taking off. […]


Police Mistake Old Movie Set For Murder Scene

The smoke roses like a chimney as the firemen stared up into the flame. “Jesus, this looks bad,” said the Fire Chief. “Better call back-up.” The next day, the police arrived to run a subsequent […]


Made In Polaroid Movement Partners With Sting

With Polaroid gearing up for a new online media adventure, two behemoths of the art word collide in a monstrous way. Instant Sting meets Instant Polaroids. Ooooo, a match made in heaven, for sure. Here […]


[Video] Best Terrible And/Or Funny Police Phone Calls Of All Time

Here’s a quiz. Don’t worry – its multiple choice. It’s OK to call the police when: A)   A rapist tried to take your kids and your wife. B)   Someone broke into your car and took […]


Ron Artest Stopped by Police for Driving Race Car

We can see it now… “Um, Mr. Artest. Do you realize you are driving a teeny-tiny racecar?” “Yes – I – Do. VRrrrooooom!”


Did YOUR Prom Date Spit Drunken Blood-Balls at Cops?

Ah prom night. A cherished moment in every high school student’s life, filled with friends, fun, and that one time bomb of a kid who manages to turn the whole thing into a full fledged […]


Monkey Police Officer In Thailand

Just who are you calling a 5-year-old pig-tailed macaque anyway? If you answered Santisuk, the Police Monkey of Thailand, you are correct. But with unemployment at an all time high, how did the monkey cop […]