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MIKE NELSON / AFP / Getty Images

Naked Carjacking Suspect Taken Down By Police Dog In Whittier, CA [VIDEO]

Weekend, couch, football, beer, hijack a Hummer limousine , have a police dog almost bite off your Johnson, jail, football, couch, rinse, repeat. Just another weekend in Whittier!


John Gichigi / Getty Images

Man Robs Hotel Full of Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

Who’d win in a fight: A criminal with a gun and a bag full o’ money, or a UFC Mixed Martial Arts champion? Well, you no longer have to imagine this kind of fight; earlier this month, […]


POV Of Brazilian Squad Car Ramming Into Criminal’s Airplane

Sometimes, the best action films are shot on a cell phone. In Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, a set of criminals attempted to get away with $115,000 worth of smuggled goods by jumping into their plane and taking off. […]


Police Mistake Old Movie Set For Murder Scene

The smoke roses like a chimney as the firemen stared up into the flame. “Jesus, this looks bad,” said the Fire Chief. “Better call back-up.” The next day, the police arrived to run a subsequent […]


Made In Polaroid Movement Partners With Sting

With Polaroid gearing up for a new online media adventure, two behemoths of the art word collide in a monstrous way. Instant Sting meets Instant Polaroids. Ooooo, a match made in heaven, for sure. Here […]


[Video] Best Terrible And/Or Funny Police Phone Calls Of All Time

Here’s a quiz. Don’t worry – its multiple choice. It’s OK to call the police when: A)   A rapist tried to take your kids and your wife. B)   Someone broke into your car and took […]


Ron Artest Stopped by Police for Driving Race Car

We can see it now… “Um, Mr. Artest. Do you realize you are driving a teeny-tiny racecar?” “Yes – I – Do. VRrrrooooom!”


Did YOUR Prom Date Spit Drunken Blood-Balls at Cops?

Ah prom night. A cherished moment in every high school student’s life, filled with friends, fun, and that one time bomb of a kid who manages to turn the whole thing into a full fledged […]


Monkey Police Officer In Thailand

Just who are you calling a 5-year-old pig-tailed macaque anyway? If you answered Santisuk, the Police Monkey of Thailand, you are correct. But with unemployment at an all time high, how did the monkey cop […]


Sting To Bring Down The House With A Little Chamber Music

[lastfm]Sting[/lastfm] really is having the time of his life.  Really.  And it’s all due to the fact that he’s adapting some of his greatest hits to be played by an entire orchestra.  We’re sure, her […]