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Bob Dylan To Receive Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Elton John and many more British rockers have had the esteemed honor of being knighted, and now Bob Dylan is getting in on the action – sort of. Fifty years after […]


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Obama On “Let’s Stay Together” Performance: “I Wasn’t Worried About Being Able To Hit Those Notes”

Video capturing President Obama’s appearance at a fundraiser at the Apollo Theater back in January “went viral,” though for reasons that had nothing to do with his political policies. In front of Reverend Al Green […]


Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Host Joint Rallies On The Mall

John Stewart SLAMS Mainstream Media Over Ron Paul Blackout

John Stewart is just plain disappointed. Apparently, finishing in second place at the Iowa Straw Poll wasn’t enough to get poor ol’ Ron Paul even a meager mention from the mainstream media. The 12-term congressman from Texas […]


Michelle Bachmann Announces Her Candidacy For President In Iowa

Michele Bachmann Meets Her “Waterloo”… And Other Famous ABBA Tunes

Pull on your pantsuits, everybody! Republican Michele Bachmann is in Waterloo, Iowa and rumored to announce her Presidential bid any minute. Doesn’t she know, only one thing happens in Waterloo…


As If Politicians Couldn’t Get Any Dumbererererer

That is Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. She is stupid. Let me tell you why. As if it’s not already painfully evident…


Hollywood Celebrates Overturning of Prop 8 Via Twitter

Many people mock Twitter usage (“I don’t care what you ate for lunch or your opinions on dating.”) but Twitter has become a fabulous way to get on-the-second critical news and to delve into the psyches of our favorite celebs […]