What Not To Do At Your 4th Of July Pool Party

By Adam Bookbinder Nothing says the 4th of July like a nice dip in the pool. ¬†Well except maybe a BBQ and fireworks. But anyway, we digress. So we know you’re probably going to enjoy […]


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Vegas Strip Club Wants To Open Adult’s Only Pool

Insert unknown fluids, sexy human soup jokes here. Las Vegas is already known as being a drunken cesspool of various adult activities, but one strip club is going that to a whole new probably disgusting […]


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Santa Will Never Find Our Secret, Hidden House

OK, OK. We’ll concede that you may know that we work in a dumpy little building in beautiful Downtown Culver City… but we’ll never tell you where we live. It’s secret. It’s serene. It’s none […]


Shark Pool

[JACKed Up Video] Shark Pool, The Movie About A Shark In A Pool

“Why not just stay out of the pool?” “It’s too damn hot!”


[Summer School] Caption This! And Win A TShirt

Ahoy Captain. JACK FM’s CAPTION THIS CONTEST is back. Pretty simple really. We give you a picture, you provide the most hilarious-est caption for said picture and we mail a free JACK FM T-shirt to […]