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[Hot Chick And A Power Song] Berit Bech

Guitar hero or guitar goddess? [photogallerylink id=45165 align=left] There’s just something about chicks with guitars… Watching them run their way up and down the neck while cradling an electrically charged body in their arms is […]


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[Hot Chick And A Power Song] Alessandra Ambrosio

Hark! An angel! [photogallerylink id=42923 align=left] We know you’re not surfing the web while sitting in church (but if you are – nice!), but it’s time for you to spend quality time with the angels, […]


[Hot Chicks And A Power Song] The NBA Finals Of Cheerleaders – Mavs VS Heat

Only sexy Santas can take our minds off of the Lakers absence.


[Hot Chick And A Power Song] Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller is an accomplished model… posing both as a Victoria’s Secret Angel & Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Her achievements haven’t gone unnoticed – in 2008, USA Today said of Miller,  “[she marks the] return of […]


[Hot Chick And An 80’s Song] Jamie Alexander

Before Capital One commercials portrayed Vikings as buffoonish Luddites with stellar credit scores, Viking Thunder God/Marvel Superhero THOR was the paragon of eternal Norse force. With his movie coming out next month, we thought we’d […]


[Hot Chick And A Power Song] Jordana Brewster

Ahh, Jordana Brewster. When we first saw your performance in D.E.B.S., we knew you were special. That movie emotionally changed us in a way we didn’t realize Female Spy Dramadies could… Luckily, you’ve moved on […]