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Dr. Cranfill Presents: Mayan Apocalypse HORROR-SCOPES!!!!

(Nov.23-Dec.22) Sagittarius– she moves in mysterious ways.…I’m sure the “she” Bono is referring to isn’t nearly as captivating as Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke. It’s more than likely an allegory for some Bono-y humanitarian thing. Ugh. […]


Dr. Cranfill Presents: HORROR-SCOPES!!!!!!

Photo Credit- the Higgy Don’t be a dufus. Get your HORROR-SCOPE for the week now, freshly squozen from Dr. Cranfill’s cold, dead heart….


Photo by Elsa / Getty Images

Football Teams And Their Power Songs: Packers VS. Saints

September 8th, 5:30pm. Are you ready? We may step away from the radio for a moment on Thursday… you know… just to make sure the TV works and the game isn’t — oooh! Pretzels!