Thanks for an awesome JACK'S 9TH SHOW! Check out these Photos and Recap from the show. 

Puppy Bowl

Photo by Cindy Ord//Getty Images

Cutest Super Bowl Tradition Ever: The Puppy Bowl Cam Is On-Air!

Sitting at your desk bored, or just love to watch puppies? The Puppy Bowl “puppy cam” is streaming live! The Puppy Bowl for those of looking for some excitement in between the commercials and Beyonce’s […]


Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Hedgehog Cheerleaders Will Be Present For Puppy Bowl IX

If you thought the Puppy Bowl couldn’t get any better, consider yourself fooled. Hedgehog cheerleaders have now been added into the mix. Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl is nine years strong and has even more to […]



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