(Photo by Robyn Beck//Getty Images)

Earthquakes & Now Hail To Hit Southern California….Is It The End Of The World As We Know It?

By Nadia Noir A buncha earthquakes in a row and now reports of rain and even hail to hit SoCal this week? Tomorrow is April Fools Day so maybe the universe is punking us, but […]


The Cast Of 'Let It Be'/courtesy of Let It Be

We Can’t Work It Out: Beatles Tributes Battle Over Rights To Broadway

Let It Be is facing off against Rain, but not in a battle of the best Beatles songs. Instead this is a stand off that will be taking place in court between two tribute bands who have […]


Rainy Day Music Videos. Take A Moment. OR ELSE.

Seriously, what is with all of this rain!? We’re about to go stir-crazy. Everybody knows if a JACK FM employee goes out in the rain, we melt to the ground. If that happened, who else […]



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