Mail-Order Meat: Top 10 Meat Fixes We Are Going Postal For (Literally) On The 4th

Vegans beware! This post will have practically every red-blooded carnivorous American man salivating at his desk at work. With barbecue season in full swing and Independence Day coming up next Monday, we’ve decided to make […]


Cinco De Mayo: Top 10 Tasty Mexican-Inspired Cocktails For Your Fiesta

Cinco De Mayo is a grand historical event wherein the Mexican army defeated the French. It’s also a great time to eat some fabulous Mexican food, don your complementary red and green duds, and drown […]


Cannabis in the Kitchen: Become a Ganja Gourmand

Psychedelic cookery is the new foodie frontier for the stoner gastronomer. It appeals to us on so many levels; discretion, portability, ease, and the puntastic awesomeness of getting ‘baked’ from baked goods.  We all know […]


Youtube’s Protopod Makes The Creepiest Iced Tea Ever

Ever wondered what it would look like if a serial killer taught cooking classes?  Well, you no longer have to imagine about this because we’ve got the creepiest looking serial killer fellow to teach you […]