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Binder App Will Dump Your Significant Other For You

By Sarah Carroll Too lazy or too chicken to break up with your significant other? Thanks to modern technology, there’s an app for that. Ugh…we WISH we were kidding! Binder (rhymes with Tinder, go figure) will break […]


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Psychologist Confirms IKEA Shopping Can Ruin Your Relationship

By Sarah Carroll Does it really come as a surprise that going to IKEA can be hazardous to a happy relationship? It’s overwhelming! You practically cover a half marathon winding your way through the maze, […]


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Man Caught With 17 Girlfriends After They All Come To Visit Him At The Hospital

By Sarah Carroll Here’s a friendly PSA for all you people looking to cheat on your significant other…First off, DON’T! That’s just rude. But if you do, maybe keep it down to just 1 side […]


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You Can Now Serve Divorce Papers On Facebook

By Sarah Carroll Facebook is a great way to reconnect with old friends, new friends, and family, but according to a judge, a Brooklyn woman can now also use the social network to sever ties […]


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It’s Official: Men Who Watch Porn Have Better Sex Life

By Jordy Altman Congratulations dude – a new study shows that men with an X-rated video habit have better sex lives. Scientists at the University of California – you know, the ones that probably look […]


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Meanwhile In Southern California: Woman Gets Stuck In Ex-Boyfriend’s Chimney

THOUSAND OAKS ( — Crews rescued a woman Sunday who was trapped in a chimney for several hours overnight. According to the Ventury County Fire Department, firefighters had to slowly chip away at the bricks […]


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More Couples Turning To Marriage Sabbaticals To Overcome Relationship Hurdles

IRVINE ( — It seems fewer couples are staying together, and relationship experts say more people faced with that fact are taking breaks to solve their problems. It’s a new trend called marriage sabbaticals. “It helps […]



The Frugal Model: Impress a Woman Without Going Broke (or Looking Cheap)

It’s no secret that women are tricky creatures. Even if we believe in coupon clipping and saving every penny, we will still call a guy cheap if he lets us split the check on the […]


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7 Bob Dylan Songs That Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Love & Heartache

Really, everything you need to know on the subject of love and heartache can be taught by listening to Dylan.


Creepy Craigslist

Creepy Craigslist: Baby Momma To Get “Pregnet”

We were browsing the singles pages on Craigslist looking for a date for the weekend (like we do), and we came across a pretty sweet offer. You really can’t fault this guy…all he wants is […]