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Watch: UFC Fight Ronda Rousey Gets Rowdy With Reporter…And Unintentionally Breaks His Ribs

By Nadia Noir In case you didn’t know, it’s #WomensHistoryMonth and one feisty female UFC fight, Ronda Rousey, made some history when a little playacting teasing led to a reporter getting body slammed. MMA reporter […]



Breaking News! Reporter Doug Caught Sleeping On Cable News!

He stayed up all night working on his report and now he’s tired!


Boring Bag Face

Boring Guy On The News Gets Plastic Bag To The Face

OR The best 13 seconds of your life.


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Gotcha Journalist Of The Year Asks Occupy Protesters “WHO POOPED AND PEED ON THE BANK?!” [VIDEO]

When did the occupy movement become a bowel movement? When the news hits, it hits hard. It seems that the Occupy Wall Street movement is everywhere these days. In New York, in California, in Kansas, […]