Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais Kills It at the Golden Globes

If you missed the Golden Globes telecast this past Sunday evening, I for one don’t blame you. The Golden Globes, and pretty much all Hollywood awards shows for that matter, are bunk-tastic, self-aggrandizing exercises in […]


Jonah Hill & Elmo Talk About Mustaches

Apparently, Sesame Street has cornered the market on teaching people about their ABC’s and 123’s because they’ve decided to tackle the mysteries behind mustaches. Funnyman, Jonah Hills teams up with Elmo to deliver a hilarious […]



It’s about freakin’ time HBO. I was beginning to wonder about you. HBO’s season 3 of True Blood premiered last night and before the episode aired, HBO gave us all a glimpse of what they […]