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Paul McCartney Has Biggest Week Since 1965. Video Games, New Album, Grammy’s, Hollywood Star

It’s been a helluva week for Macca. Sound the alarm! Sir Paul McCartney has reinvented himself yet again. Now we can enjoy the mop-top’s music in a video game, check out his concrete caption, or […]


Billy Joel Music Featured In Rock Band

  About 2 months ago, we mentioned Billy Joel entertained the idea of joining the Rock band video game series, only to piss off a wayward ciritc. Well, now you can now call yourself Piano Man. […]


Billy Joel Joins New Rock Band 3 Video Game Just To Piss Off Critic

Who here watches The Office? What a fun show! That Michael Scott always gettin’ himself into the craziest of situations. And how about that writing? Top notch! Why are we talking about The Office in […]


Metallica In The Running For A “Golden Joystick”

How many of us have channeled our inner rock demon as James Hetfield or the guitar slashing Kirk Hammet on the vicarious music video game Guitar Hero? Enough apparently to get the metal gods a nod […]


New Ozzy Osbourne Songs On Rock Band

“I hope Rock Band players around the world are ready to have their living rooms invaded by me!” [lastfm]Ozzy Osbourne [/lastfm]stated about contributing music to the popular video game series, Rock Band. At least he’ll only […]