Rock Of Love

Rock Of Love 3: Bret Michaels Gets Engaged

[lastfm]Bret Michaels [/lastfm]long time girlfriend Kristi Lynn Gibson, was spotted wearing a shiny rock of love on her left finger when she accompanied Michaels to his David Letterman appearance in New York City on July 12. […]


Bret Michaels Healed By The Power Of Music

In true rock form, [lastfm]Bret Michaels[/lastfm] didn’t let a couple of health issues stop him from making sweet, beautiful music to the world.  In fact, when some people would take some time off to rest off […]


Bret Michaels Recovering Amid Medical Setbacks

[lastfm]Bret Michaels [/lastfm]remains hospitalized in stable condition, after exhibiting symptoms of hyponatremia, a lack of sodium in the body which can lead to seizures.  The [lastfm]Poison[/lastfm] front man is also recovering from a subarachnoid brain […]


Bret Michaels Rushed To Hospital, Not As The Result Of Cat Fight

Every rose has it’s thorn, and for once those thorns are not from the claws of eager women.  Yesterday, as [lastfm]Bret Michaels[/lastfm]’ prepared to go on stage in San Antonio he was urged by doctors […]


Rock Of Duet: Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus?

[lastfm]Miley Cyrus[/lastfm]’ parents have oftentimes been criticized for their parenting skills.  However, her new sexy duet with 80s hair rocker and occasional reality show star [lastfm]Bret Michaels[/lastfm] puts everyone’s judgment into question. For more Rock […]