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Los Angeles Lakers Trade Derek Fisher: 5 Greatest LAL Fish Moments

The NBA Trade Deadline was this Thursday and of course was jam-packed full of deals for every team. But one trade shocked the Los Angeles Laker faithful to its core. Lakers trade Derek Fisher and […]


Love And Rockets So Alive

[What’s That Song?] Love And Rockets – “So Alive”

I LOVE JACK FM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP….DO YOU KNOW WHAT SONG HAS SOME OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS…. I’m in love and it’s all because of you…I’m in love…. ( repeated a lot in song) and it […]


FINALLY. They Are Making Jet Packs

    No lie. 100% true. A company in New Zealand is developing JET PACKS for commercial sale. Screw the kids and their stupid college fund and orthodontic work. We’re soooo buying one of these…read more..



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