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[Branded And Stranded] Round 2: Jeff VS Bradley
Jack's Cougar Madness: Round 2: Push Up Panthers
Jack's Cougar Madness: Round 2: Sabertoothed Sirens
Jack's Cougar Madness: Round 2: Den Mothers with Benefits
R2 : #1 Push Up Panthers: Tyana vs. Christina
R2 : #3: Push Up Panthers: Kim vs. Farrah
R2 : #4 Push Up Panthers: Noelle vs. Sidney
R2 : #1 Sabertoothed Sirens: Sandra vs. Theresa
R2 : #2 Sabertoothed Sirens: Ticia vs. Abbey
R2 : #3 Sabertoothed Sirens: Charlene vs. Jill
R2 : #4 Sabertoothed Sirens: Michelle vs. Kittie
R2 : #4 Den Mothers with Benefits: Jewel vs. Kimberly M

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