Oasis Wonderwall Buncha Songs In A Row

“Under The Wall, The Reason You’re A Creep” [Buncha Songs In A Row]

Maybe this buncha songs in a row will live up to your ridiculously high standards.



“Pump Up The Noize, Viva la Now!”

Think of this next buncha songs in a row as a spa treatment for your earballs.  Hehe. Earballs.


REM Everybody Hurts

“I Remember This Highway Hurts The Wrong Way”

That Hazmat suit won’t be necessary to listen to this buncha songs in a row. 


America Sister Golden

“Goodbye Sister, We Wont Love Strangers Again”

Ever look up at the night sky and wonder how may bunches of songs in a row there are in the universe?


U2 Sweetest Thing

“Rock Lobster Remembers The Sweetest Santeria”

Hmmmmm. Not nearly as much buried treasure in this buncha songs in a row the pirate map indicates. 


[Buncha Songs In A Row] “I Believe China Sells Apologies”

Could this buncha songs in a row be the killer from your unpublished novel?