Sarah Palin

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Moose Attacks Old Man, Beaten Back By 85 Year-Old Woman

A giant moose attacked an 82 year-old bush pilot, but was bravely beaten back by the old man’s 85 year-old wife. We say “beaten” because we’re not sure how much damage an old woman can have […]


AFI Associates Honors Arquette Family With Award - Event

10 Worst Performances Of The National Anthem…Ever

It has to be a singers dream come true to be asked to sing the National Anthem. To their management – it must seem like a great idea. How else would you explain why so […]


Jon Stewart Attacks Donald Trump Over Proper Pizza Decorum

Is there a proper way to eat a pizza? Jon Stewart Says YES.


[Video] Sarah Palin Is Breath Taking

Huff Huff Huff Huff Huff Pause for effect. Huff.