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“Belfie Stick” Helps You Take Better Selfie Photos Of Your ABooty

By Jordy Altman Never again will you have to ask, “Does my butt look big?” Now you’ll know! For a one-time easy payment of $79.99, you can be the new owner of a BelfieStick, the […]


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Kids These Days: Young Man Shoots Himself While Posing with Gun for Facebook Selfie

By Jordy Altman Camera: Point, click, shoot. Gun: Point, click, shoot. See? It can get a little confusing… Last weekend, Oscar Aguilar, a young man who loved taking selfies, posed with a handgun when he […]


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Malia Obama Went to Lollapalooza, Takes Selfie, As Teens Do

No word on if Barack plans on attending once his presidency is complete.


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Munchie Report: Gonna Eat This Burger, But First #LetMeTakeASelfie…With 3-D Mayo

By Nadia Noir While everyone was worried people were going to make weapons from 3-D printers, it seems like the world is more obsessed with making their favorite pastime–eating–even more experimental. A British mayonnaise brand, […]


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Meanwhile In Southern California: Hacker Sends High School Teacher’s Naked Pics To Students, Parents, & Coworkers

By Nadia Noir Celebrities aren’t the only ones who could find themselves in naked selfie scandals. Every sexters worse nightmare happened recently to a Pasadena-area high school teacher named Richard Rosa. The teacher’s email was […]


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This Selfie Toaster Can Burn Your Portrait Onto Your Morning Toast

By Nadia Noir Instagram selfies are so seven minutes ago. If you really want to be different than your duck-lipped frenemies, you can pick up a toast like the Selfie Toaster from the Vermont Novelty […]



Elderly Bel-Air Couple Flips Car and Takes Selfie

By Adam Bookbinder Even senior citizens are getting into selfies these days. An elderly couple’s blue Honda somehow ended up on its side in their very lovely Bel-Air neighborhood.  Instead of panicking about the situation, what did […]


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This Dude’s Worldwide Trip Wins For Most Epic Selfie

By Nadia Noir In the most jealousy-inducing thing we’ve seen this year (or maybe ever), Alex Chacon of the Modern Motorcycles Diaries created an amazing montage of 360° selfies of different’ places around the world […]


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Man Gets Kicked In The Head By Train Conductor While Taking Selfie

By Nadia Noir Sometimes, in order to understand how stupid something is, you just need to be hit over the head with the inanity. Which is what literally happened to a teenager named Jared Michael. […]


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Another Reason Selfies Are Evil: They’re Spreading Lice Among Teens

Heads smashed together + lice infested teens = LICE WATCH 2014