Chris Pratt and cast in ‘Jurassic World.’ (Courtesy of Universal Pictures)

Jurassic World Sequel is A Go

Looks like Chris Pratt is having another great week, because Universal just announced that there will be a sequel to Jurrasic World, and it already has a release date.



Sharknado 2 Announced, Because Apparently Enough Wasn’t Said

SyFy has just announced that the internet phenomenon Sharknado has been approved for a sequel, and this time, it’s personal. That’s right, the shark filled tornado (hence Sharknado, get it?) is back, but this time […]

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The Big Lebowski 2? JACK FM Abides

Everyone get ready to shine your balls, throw on your nattiest bath robe, and pee on some rugs because the infamous, oft-quoted 1998 cult classic The Big Lebowski is in the works for a sequel. […]


Carlos Alvarez, Tim Whitby, Valerie Macon / AFP / Getty

Triplets: Schwarzenneger, DeVito, And Murphy To Star In ‘Twins’ Sequel

If you were a fan of good films in 1988, you might remember seeing one of the biggest, best, summer blockbuster comedies to ever hit the big screen. And after you left the movies, ticket […]


KAZUHIRO NOGI / AFP / Getty Images

Is A Beetlejuice Sequel In The Making?

Beetlejuice. Claims has been spreading that Michael Keaton is more than ready to reprise his role as Beetlejuice. Keaton has already begun meeting with writer Seth Graeme-Smith to discuss ideas. Graeme-Smith says Keaton’s interest is “Huge, […]


Men In Black Trailer 3 Lunar Eclipse

Men In Black III Trailer Released Same Day As Lunar Eclipse [VIDEO]

Some might call it a “coincidence.” We know better. Aliens and space phenomenon o together like…  Hey, is that a neurolizer? Ah shi—


[The Razzies Awards] Worst Remake

Behold: The Razzie Awards We’re sure it’s hard to give the middle finger to Hollywood, year after year, so JACK FM is here to help you out. SUCK IT OSCARS… Up next: Worst Prequel/Remake/Rip-Off/Sequel of […]


[Video] 10 Things You Need To Know Before Seeing TRON: Legacy

      1982 was a fantastic year for the avid movie fan. Just think – 28 years ago today, you could run out to the nearest VilliageVideo and rent a VHS copy of E.T.: […]