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Woman Uses Fitbit During Sex: Here Are The Results

CHICAGO (CBS) — It just might become one of the most viral fever graphs in the history of the Internet. A woman wore her Fitbit Charge HR during sex and posted the results on Imgur, […]


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#KidsTheseDays: Couple Has Sex In The Middle Of The Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet (Safe For Work Pic Here)

By Nadia Noir What did you do this weekend? It probably wasn’t as daring or dirty or awesome as this #yolo pair of horny revelers at Cannes Film Festival who decided it would be cool […]


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#Jacks10thShow: How To Have CyberSex In The ’90s (NSFW-Ish)

By Nadia Noir At this point, internet sexin’ isn’t just normal–it’s pretty boring. We’re all hooking up IRL thanks to apps like Tinder or sites like OK Cupid, but finding some random participant on an […]


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Porn Site Trying To Crowdfund Millions To Make The First Ever Space Porn: #Watch

By Nadia Noir  Joining the mile-high club is so ’80s mullet porn. The latest trend in outrageous sex is getting off when you take off…68 miles above the Earth’s service and in zero-gravity. Major porn […]


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#KidsTheseDays: Girls On Tinder Convincing Dudes To Send Them Free Pizza

By Nadia Noir Times are tough for hungry young women who are constantly keeping young men thirsty for their lovin’. And while hot ladies are as covet-worthy as pizza (everyone wants a slice of that!), […]


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It’s Official: Men Who Watch Porn Have Better Sex Life

By Jordy Altman Congratulations dude – a new study shows that men with an X-rated video habit have better sex lives. Scientists at the University of California – you know, the ones that probably look […]


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Local Strangers Brazenly Have Sex In Front Of Horrified Shoppers At Chula Vista Strip Mall

CHULA VISTA (  —  Police say a brazen couple gave new meaning to the term “strip mall” Saturday in Chula Vista. The unidentified man and woman made out — and then had sex — in […]


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Los Angeles Ranks As One Of America’s Kinkiest Cities

By Nadia Noir  Rent might blow; traffic might suck. But Los Angeles is one of the top American cities for being naughty. According to‘s Kinky University [NSFW link, so be careful], Los Angeles is number […]


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Westside YouTuber Records Her Hotel Neighbors Having Loud, Obnoxious Sex [Slightly NSFW Sounds]

By Jordy Altman Santa Monica used to be a quiet, peaceful city – until the Palihouse hotel moved in across the street and couples started doing it loudly aaaall niiiiiight loooooong. At least that’s what […]


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Dating Site Tells Us Where The Hottest Singles Live In Los Angeles

By Nadia Noir If you’re single and ready to mingle, you should probably put down that pizzookie that you just got all over the duvet cover and leave your house. Stop swiping left and right; […]