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Time To Take Care Of Your Apocalypse Checklist. What Men Want? More Sex. Umm, Duh?

Our favorite studies are the studies that don’t actually need to be studied like the questions: what would you most regret if the world ended? In the biggest duh moment of our measly little human […]


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Study Shows That Music Is More Sexually Arousing Than Touch

It seems that sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll really are inseparable–if you count the love chemicals pumping around in your brain as “drugs.” And you read that title right: people are generally more turned […]


Porn Industry Finally Goes Too Far

I didn’t think it was possible either but yet, Hustler has accomplished what 2 Girls 1 Cup could not. Porn has officially gone too far.


German Prostitutes Must Now Pay Pleasure Tax

Everybody does it! When a young man turns of age, he has one thought in mind – EUROPE. Oh my, the sights! The food! The ladies! However, we live in a time of financial strife. […]


What Aging Crooner Admitted He is Less “Horny”?

According to the Kinsey Report, 54-percent of men think about sex every day or several times a day. And while the libidos of some men don’t decrease with age, according to this famous crooner, his […]