Sharknado 3 Poster (courtesy of SyFy)

‘Sharknado 3’ Writer Thunder Levin Talks about Mark Cuban the Actor

In the digital age, we like our news fast, our donuts licked by Ariana Grande, and our film trilogies full of sharks… in tornados. It’s a good thing we’ve got screenwriter Thunder Levin, and his much anticipated SyFy b-movie franchise follow-up, Sharknado 3.


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‘Sharknado’: The Worst Worst Movie Ever Made

Sharknado is getting a sequel. It must be stopped. Because it’s worse than the worst movie ever made. They could film the ten-thousandth zombie movie, fulfilling an ancient prophecy to resurrect the rotting god of Mictlantecuhtli […]



Sharknado Sequel Gets An Awesome Title

Happy Shark Week! In celebration of this special time of the year, SyFy announced that it will be releasing the highly-anticipated follow-up to a movie that has already become a cult classic–despite being out for […]



Sharknado 2 Announced, Because Apparently Enough Wasn’t Said

SyFy has just announced that the internet phenomenon Sharknado has been approved for a sequel, and this time, it’s personal. That’s right, the shark filled tornado (hence Sharknado, get it?) is back, but this time […]

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