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California Shark Attack Rates Plunge 90 Percent Since 1950s

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Swimmers and surfers today are about 90 percent less likely to be attacked by sharks off California’s coast than they were in the 1950s, even though there are hundreds of thousands […]


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‘Sharknado’: The Worst Worst Movie Ever Made

Sharknado is getting a sequel. It must be stopped. Because it’s worse than the worst movie ever made. They could film the ten-thousandth zombie movie, fulfilling an ancient prophecy to resurrect the rotting god of Mictlantecuhtli […]



Sharknado Sequel Gets An Awesome Title

Happy Shark Week! In celebration of this special time of the year, SyFy announced that it will be releasing the highly-anticipated follow-up to a movie that has already become a cult classic–despite being out for […]


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TV Shows that Need a Shark Week Crossover

by Patrick Braud It’s Shark Week again, folks, and that means you get to spend the greatest week of the year reveling in sharks being pretty awesome. However, The Discovery Channel does understand that shots […]


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Relive The Kings Epic Game 7 Victory With This Cool POV Video

Are you a die-hard Kings fan? Wish you were at Staples Center yesterday when they took out the San Jose Sharks in a game 7 showdown? Well thanks to YouTube user Eric Locko, now you […]

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DNA Evidence May Prove Bigfoot’s Existance

You should see the writer’s meetings we have at JACK FM. Okay, they aren’t exactly meetings; they’re more like a high school cafeteria with people yelling across cubicles instead of lunch tables that happen randomly […]


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Man Escapes Shark Attack By Punching It In The Face

So don’t mess with this guy. Scott Stephens of Eureka, CA, was able to survive a shark attack by repeatedly punching it in the head. According to the Huffington Post, Stephens was surfing when the […]


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5 AC/DC Songs In Honor Of Shark Week

How do you calm a Great White Shark? Play him a little AC/DC. Seems like common sense to us.


Badass Shark eats another Shark, inspires Xhibit Meme

I’m sick and tired about not hearing news stories about Sharks.  Finally, someone does something about it.


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Shark Week: The Drinking Game

Duh nuh… duh nuh…. duh nuh duh chug chug chug. There’s SHARK WEEK… And then there’s SHARK WEEK: THE DRINKING GAME. The Discovery Channel just became our favorite bar.