Long Beach Group Battles To Save Carrier Used In ‘Top Gun’

LONG BEACH ( — An aircraft carrier used in “Top Gun” may face a final voyage to the scrap yard if a local group’s last-ditch effort to save it sinks. Built in 1957, the USS […]


Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

[Jacked Up News] Rare Brew Of Captain Morgan Rum Found In Ship At Bottom of the Sea

Pieces of a ship sailed by the late, great Captain Morgan have been discovered by a team of divers off the coast of Panama. Everybody is wondering what kind of booty will be found in […]


[Jacked Up News] Man Names Boat Titanic II, Sinks On Maiden Voyage

Mark Wilkinson had to cut his fishing trip short… The worried glares of onlookers pierced the back of his head, just as the 6″ square pierced the fibre-glass hull of Titanic II. As Captain, he […]