USA Loses World Cup Bid to a Keytar, Qatar?

Man that is a one fine piece of artwork….. In case you haven’t heard, the US led contingent of Bill Clinton and Morgan Freeman lost out on the World Cup 2020 bid today to…..Qatar? What […]


Porn Star Promises Twitter Followers A Special “Prize”

First, it was a Uruguayan lingerie model who promised to run naked through the streets if Uruguay won the World Cup. Now, a porn star from the Netherlands has upped the ante…in a pretty big […]


Germany’s Soccer Coach Joachim Loew Is a Booger Eater

You might have gotten used to seeing this guy, Joachim Loew, on television recently because he’s the coach of the German national soccer team.  However, he doesn’t want you to know him anymore.  Why?  Because […]


World Cup: USA vs Algeria Preview

Lee Greenwood and Gods’ favorite country, the U.S of A is set to take on Algeria in their last game of Group C play of the 2010 World Cup tomorrow at 7am PST. Since Algeria is […]


Disappointing Tie for the U.S. Soccer Team

1-0 Slovenia 2-0 Slovenia 2-1 Slovenia 2-2 Tie 3-2 United States…… or was it? Wait no still 2-2. Thank you Mr. Official. You officially suck! How badly did things suck?  Find out after the jump!


Weezer Releases World Cup Song

Any band that has recorded an ode to Beverly Hills and featured both Happy Days and the Muppets is as American as apple pie. [lastfm]Weezer [/lastfm]showed its patriotism again last week with a track for […]