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Marijuana Soda Bottles Explodes Down At The Pot Shop

By Jordy Altman Have you ever been so thirsty that you exploded? Dude… Marijuana is slowly becoming legal all over the nation. It’s only a matter of time until California legalizes the weed that many […]


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SURGE Soda Makes Return After 12 Years

by Sasha Huff Alright 90’s kids, today is your lucky day! Remember that citrus flavored soda in that bright green can? The one that would jolt you into next year after a few sips? The […]


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Coca-Cola Passes Over California, No Kosher For Passover Coke This Year

For those not in the know (or not Jewish), Passover starts next Monday. While Jewish people will be feasting on decadent, sacred tradition meals at the Passover seder and their youngest will be trying to […]


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New Zealand Woman Dies After OD’ing On Coke…Coca-Cola That Is

Caffeine, sugar, and a buncha weird chemicals are bad for you? Hmmm. Better stop drinking this go-go juice. A New Zealand woman unfortunately learned that lesson a little too late when she died from a […]


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Beware: Diet Soda and It’s Harmful Effects

Come on, get happy. The surgeon general conveniently lists all the harmful things tobacco can do to one’s body on every pack of cigarettes, yet still a plethora of people smoke them. It is only […]


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El Monte, You Can Still Drink Your Soda Sans Taxation

Seems that the city of El Monte like their sugary, carbonated drinks and they want them as cheap as possible. Over 75% of voters rejected a one-cent tax measure initiative that would have probably against […]


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Soda Has An Evil Twin, And His Name Is Fruit Drink! [Infographic]

Although soda gets most of the blame, the fastest-growing marketing sector for beverage companies is so-called “fruit drinks.” If this weren’t bad enough, parents and children are becoming beverage companies’ new favorite targets. Bottom line? […]


Barfing Cup

Barfing Cup Sure Likes To Barf [VIDEO]

Out of all the videos you’re gonna see of yacking Styrofoam cups, this one is surely the best. Just look at that cinematography!