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John Travolta & Olivia Newton John Release Christmas Song “I Think You Might Like It”

Nice try Danny Zuko and Sandy, but if you only think we might like something, we probably, definitely will not. If you haven’t heard of John Travolta and Olive Newton John’s inane, creepy Christmas line-dancing […]



Guy Plays “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” On Cat Toy Organ

Somewhere, Judy Garland is turning over in her grave. And her little dog, too.


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Ten Songs That Will Jack You Up For Jack’s Muscle Madness

Hey meathead! The time has come… for JACK’S…  MUSCLE… MADNESS! Turn up the volume on that boombox, i-dock, (whatever) and allow these monster jams to provide the perfect soundtrack while you bulk up for Jack’s […]


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Take It Back, Jack: Artists Rediscover Their Roots, Cover Their Musical Icons

When one rock music icon covers another rock icon’s music, it’s considered a tribute. But what happens when the tribute is better than the original? It’s a great debate that has gone on for decades. […]



Kick-Ass Halloween Heavy Metal Cover

See if you can name each Halloween theme as they’re shredded on the electric guitar.


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Jack FM’s Old Skool Joint of the Week – Double XX Posse

Before The Most Interesting Man In the World became the CEO of Dos Equis, he bankrolled a rap group in the early 90’s.


WHAM! Last Christmas Voted Worst Of All Time

It’s a tough holiday when your favorite band gets awarded for writing the “Worst Christmas Song Of All Time.” So it goes. WHAM! wins the 2010 award for their song “Last Christmas” – would you […]


Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song

It’s hard not to love Adam Sandler. First the Chanukah Song, then the Thanksgiving Song, then The Wedding Singer, then Bedtime Stories… oh wait. We hated you for that.