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#NationalPizzaDay: 5 Cheesy Songs About Pizza

By Nadia Noir In our world, every day should be #NationalPizzaDay, but for some reason, someone decided there was only one day out of the year that we get to #celebrate this illustrious occasion. We’ve […]


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5 Songs To Celebrate Moldy Cheese Day

By Nadia Noir Whether you like it stinky, creamy, or slathered on an In-N-Out double-double, cheese is the best. Moldy cheese is the worst, but we wouldn’t put it past us to try and scrape […]


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Halloween Rock Songs: A Buncha Songs About Monsters For Rocktober

Last week, we gave you a buncha songs about ghosts and celebrated some of our favorite goth goddesses. This week, it’s all about the monsters; the mean ones, the dead ones, the wolf ones, the […]


Oasis Wonderwall Buncha Songs In A Row

“Under The Wall, The Reason You’re A Creep” [Buncha Songs In A Row]

Maybe this buncha songs in a row will live up to your ridiculously high standards.


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Can Madonna Bring Controversy Back To Super Bowl?

Raise your hand if you’re excited and/or interested in watching this year’s Super Bowl Halftime show. Hold on, let’s us finish counting hands. Wow, that many? Many people were surprised, even horrified, to hear [lastfm […]


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A Buncha Songs In A Row For Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday comes but once a year, but this buncha songs in a row should keep your pigskins fresh all year round. 


The Best Songs By Michael Jackson

What are our favorite songs by [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Michael Jackson[/lastfm]? That’s an easy one. Any song involving zombies usually finds its way to the top of our list. The King of Pop is no exception.


2012 New Year

No Commercials For A Happy New Year

Our resolution?  No More Commercials!! Well, at least for the evening. You heard us correctly – on the final day of 2011, we’re treating our loyal listeners to a commercial-free jaunt through a buncha kick-ass […]



“Pump Up The Noize, Viva la Now!”

Think of this next buncha songs in a row as a spa treatment for your earballs.  Hehe. Earballs.


REM Everybody Hurts

“I Remember This Highway Hurts The Wrong Way”

That Hazmat suit won’t be necessary to listen to this buncha songs in a row.