Southern California

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California Shark Attack Rates Plunge 90 Percent Since 1950s

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Swimmers and surfers today are about 90 percent less likely to be attacked by sharks off California’s coast than they were in the 1950s, even though there are hundreds of thousands […]


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It’s Getting Hot, Hot, Hot! Record-Breaking Temperatures Expected This Weekend

LOS ANGELES ( — Southern California could see record-breaking high temperatures this weekend while the rest of the country shivers. The National Weather Service says a warming trendis beginning Thursday. Saturday and Sunday could see […]


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Colossal 8.0 Earthquake Expected To Hit Los Angeles in Next 30 Years

By Jordy Altman Or is this just some promotional stunt for summer blockbuster “San Andreas?” Not all of us are as lucky as The Rock to have an earthquake preparedness kit that includes a VCN […]



Stupid SoCal Tourists Arrested For Carving Dumb Initials Into Rome’s Awesome Colosseum

By Jordy Altman Just what we need – two more stupid American Tourists defaming one of the world’s greatest works of architecture. Two California tourists have been cited for carving big, block letters into the […]


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Officials: 9 People Infected With Measles After Visiting Disneyland

ANAHEIM ( — At least nine people have contracted measles after visiting Disneyland parks in Orange County over the holidays, the state Department of Public Health said Wednesday. The local infected patients, who were from […]


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5 Most Annoying Kinds Of Sports Fans In Los Angeles

By Ramon Gonzales It’s kind of a glorious time of the year for Southern California sports. With so much going on, local sports bars and watering holes aren’t just weekend destinations. Work week gatherings for […]


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Sexy Southern California Getaways

By Vanessa Payes Life in the City of Angels is a total grind. When we’re not stuck in traffic, Angelenos are swamped with work, school, or hustlin’ for that big break. Before we know it, […]


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Watch Snow Come Down In Southern California [Video]

By Nadia Noir After a dry, hot summer that lingered until Thanksgiving, Southern California is in a comfy little cold snap. Rain and cold mean one thing–snow! Snowboarders and snow bunnies can rejoice. Our local […]



Best Decorated Neighborhoods For The Holidays

The reality for most of us in Southern California is that we aren’t going to get much of an “authentic” feel during the Christmas season. With temperatures occasionally popping into the 80’s and the palm […]



Whole Foods Hosting Free Thanksgiving Tasting Tomorrow

By Nadia Noir Lots of people hate Thanksgiving–the meaning of the holiday, spending time with their families, etc. But almost no one sane we know hates the meal itself. There’s too much goodness to chose […]