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Free Burger At Carl’s Junior On 7/4, Whip Out Your Spidey Suits!

Who wants a grilled cheese bacon burger?! Make that a FREE grilled cheese bacon burger. This can be achieved only under one condition–one must be decked out in Spiderman apparel. That’s right, perfect opportunity to […]


Spiderman  vs the Wall

[JACKed Up Video] Spider-Man VS. The Wall VS. The Electric Company

In the Webslinger’s most daring adventure yet: Spider-Man takes on The Wall at Shea Stadium…


The Amazing Spider-Man

The BRAND NEW Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Revealed!

First Batman and now Spider-Man? Is it Christmas? Check out the brand spankin’ new trailer for the latest Spider-Man reboot – The Amazing Spider-Man, featuring Andrew Garfield (that guy from the Facebook movie), Rhys Ifans […]


Spider-Man Musical Performs Without Accident, Actress Quits

It’s about a man… It’s about a Spider-Man… It’s about a singing, dancing, webslinging Spider-Man… It’s 65 million dollars deep… And now it may have lost its lead actress.


Japanese Spider-Man Rules. Please Believe It

Tobey Maguire as the webbed one? Pffffft. I’ll take this Japanese version of Spidey any day over that Seabiscuit-jockeying SOB. Seriously though, check out this Japanese version of Spiderman.


It’s Official- Joss Whedon Directing The Avengers!

Joss Whedon confirms rumors and announces while on stage at Comic-con that he is officially directing The Avengers! Remember Dick Tracy!? Take a look at previous movies that brought our favorite illustrated characters to life- […]


And The New Spiderman Is Andrew Garfield

Some guy named Andrew Garfield is technically more than just “some guy.” But not by much. Find more about the British actor and what the director of the Spiderman reboot had to say about him after […]