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Complete Guide to the Best Sriracha Flavored Foods

By Andrea Warner Food trends are great, particularly when they push people to the wilds of reinvention. But some trends far exceed their scope and—to borrow an expression from the television world—jump the shark, falling […]


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Heinz Releases New Sriracha Ketchup Flavor

Sriracha lovers get excited, because Heinz just announced in a press release that they are officially putting a Sriracha flavored Ketchup on the market. “We are thrilled to announce that Heinz Tomato Ketchup Blended with […]


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13 Items An Angeleno Would Pack In Their Apocalypse Survival Kit

What would an Angeleno need to survive the apocalypse? Check out the 12 items you’d probably find in an Angeleno’s survival bag.


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Sriracha Festival Coming to Chinatown in October

by Sasha Huff It’s happening you guys, it’s really, really happening. A Sriracha Festival, dedicated to what could quite possibly be the best hot sauce ever in life, is coming to Chinatown. Sure, it may […]


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Tour The Sriracha Factory During Pepper-Grinding Season

By Nadia Noir In Chinese astrology it might be Year of the Horse, but in Los Angeles gastronomy it’s the Year of the Flaming Cock. From the srirachapocolypse that threatened the breakfast burritos of Angelenos […]


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Electronic Sriracha Festival Coming To California

By Nadia Noir Sriracha is not usually present in the blood stream with the coveted beat finally drops at an EDM festival. There’s a melange of recreational chemicals, or coconut water if you’re smart. But […]


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Irwindale City Council Drops Complaint Against Sriracha Plant

IRWINDALE ( —  The Sriracha standoff in Irwindale has ended. The City of Irwindale on Wednesday officially dropped its public nuisance complaint against the hot sauce maker after local residents said the factory was creating an unbearable chili […]


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Sriracha To Remain A Southern California Resident

Looks like a ‘For Sale’ sign won’t be going up outside the famous sriracha factory in the City of Irwindale. Owner David Tran said in a recent interview that after being in California for more […]


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Sriracha Will Start Shipping Again At End of Month

By Nadia Noir Things you can do with sriracha: -Make your New Year’s Resolution egg-white omlettes actually taste like something worthwhile. -Use it as a make-shift pepper spray for home intruders -Dump it in some […]


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Local Sriracha Maker Forced To Halt Shipments Due To Health Concerns

CITY OF INDUSTRY ( — A Sriracha maker has been forced to halt shipments of the popular hot sauce until mid-January due to health concerns. In a statement, the California Department of Public Health said, […]