St. Patrick’s Day

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The Best Things In Life Are Green

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, and with comes debauchery, the Irish themed events, and, of course, the color green. We like the color green, and so do you. Trust us. And not just […]

93.1 Jack FM–03/14/2014

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St. Patrick’s Day DUI Checkpoints & Traffic Stops In Los Angeles

St. Patrick’s Day DUI Checkpoints & Traffic Stops In Los Angeles



Join Jack FM At Casey’s Irish Pub’s 42nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival

When it’s time to party, Jack FM does it big.  REALLY big.  Which is why we’ll be at at the BIGGEST St. Patrick’s Day party in Los Angeles on Monday, Casey’s Irish Pub’s 42nd Annual […]


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Top 10 Mellow Rock Songs Perfect For Your Day After St. Patrick’s Day Hangover

Writing a list of party songs is easy; with enough booze and fun-time-friends, partying is easy to just about any soundtrack. What’s not easy? Rockin’ out while your liver is on fire, your head feels […]


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The Evolution of (Hungover) Man

It’s a long path back to humanity after a night out. Let us guide you through the stages. The Ow!-Moeba (4am-7am) The Ow!-Moeba is the common ancestor for all hungover life on earth. An extremely […]


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St. Patrick’s Day DUI Checkpoints In Los Angeles Are Secret This Time Around

Hopefully this weekend you’re more green with, ermmm, happiness from the lovin’ of a lusty leprechaun lass than green around the gills from too much Guinness, but if you are imbibing in excess, don’t count […]


Dropkick Murphys (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Activision)

Top 10 Irish Rock Bands And Their Greatest Hits

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and even if you’re not an environmentalist, going green is proper. As you get prepared for this year’s festivities, why not peruse through a list of the best Irish […]


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Metro Running Free Shuttles During L.A. Marathon

While most of us will be puking up green beer throughout the day on March 17th and trying not to see double rainbows (unless they lead to pots of gold!), the warriors of our species […]


Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks

Easy Foods to Throw up on St. Patty’s Day

We know lots of preparations go into this holy day of binge drinking known as St. Patrick’s Day. But did you know it’s also our birthday? Hooray for being 7! That’s old enough to drink… […]


Stop And Smell The Billboards: March 17

93.1 JACK FM… In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re gonna get blind drunk off Guiness and fight this sack of potatoes.




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