St. Patrick’s Day

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The Evolution of (Hungover) Man

It’s a long path back to humanity after a night out. Let us guide you through the stages. The Ow!-Moeba (4am-7am) The Ow!-Moeba is the common ancestor for all hungover life on earth. An extremely […]


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St. Patrick’s Day DUI Checkpoints In Los Angeles Are Secret This Time Around

Hopefully this weekend you’re more green with, ermmm, happiness from the lovin’ of a lusty leprechaun lass than green around the gills from too much Guinness, but if you are imbibing in excess, don’t count […]


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Metro Running Free Shuttles During L.A. Marathon

While most of us will be puking up green beer throughout the day on March 17th and trying not to see double rainbows (unless they lead to pots of gold!), the warriors of our species […]


Stop And Smell The Billboards: March 17

93.1 JACK FM… In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re gonna get blind drunk off Guiness and fight this sack of potatoes.


Cult Movie of the Week: Leprechaun: Back 2 the Hood

If you want to continue celebrating St. Paddy’s Day into the weekend (we all do), grab some Jameson whiskey to laugh and trash this turdfest of a movie. Check out the goldmine clips!


St. Patties Day DUI Checkpoints

Awesome. It’s St. Patties Day, our 2nd favorite drinking holiday behind Arbor Day. And there are only two things that can ruin a good St. Patrick’s Day. Roofies and/or a DIU. Drinking and driving is stupid and […]


Leprechauns Are Real, Here’s the Proof

Well, it’s St. Patricks Day and what would St. Patricks Day be without Leprechaun sightings? So here’s one of my all time favorite news stories….enjoy…


Happy Birthday JACK!

Today is a day of rejoice as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and JACK FM’s 5th Birthday.  Check out the shots of JACK growing up.