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The Best Training Montages From The Movies… For Jack’s Muscle Madness!

You look a little puny. You need to bulk up if you’re going to win JACK’s Muscle Madness. Not sure how? Follow JACK’s workout regimen by watching these totally awesome, muscle-inspiring, strengthening movie montages. They […]


millenium falcon guitar

Millenium Falcon Guitar: The Force Is Strong With This One

As if Han Solo couldn’t possibly rock anymore. Now he literally can. And so can you. If you ever thought about learning how to play the axe, this would be the one to start on.



Star Wars Burgers Cater To Your Jedi Tastes

“Luke… eat the force…. nom nom nom…” European burger franchise Quick may be the smartest fast-food chain restaurant in the entire universe. How else were they able to convince Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and George […]


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[JACKed Up News] Man Strangles Wife to Death After She Smashes His Star Wars Toys

Thirty year old British man Rickie La Touche was found guilty after strangling his wife to death for smashing his Star Wars collection. There’s nothin’ like die hard Star Wars fans…


[Video] Star Wars Musical Sings At High School

How many times do you find yourself lying awake at night, asking yourself: “Why has Hollywood ruined the Star Wars franchise? Why can’t Star Wars return to its roots? When will I see my high […]


[Video] Cute Puppy Dreams Of Growing Up To Be Like Chewbacca

Seriously, we don’t like posting cute videos as much as you don’t like watching them. But if you could just take one minute out of your day to watch this cute puppy as he dreams […]


Star Wars Coming To Blu-Ray; Geeks Declare New National Holiday

It’s amazing, in some ways, that it’s taken this long for the Star Wars films – all six of them – to make it to Blu-Ray, the home video system of choice for geeks everywhere. […]


‘Star Wars’ News: Han Solo Gets Married, Hong Kong Creates Working Lightsaber

It’s a good day for Star Wars fans worldwide.  Not only can we say “mazel tov!” to Millenium Falcon pilot Han Solo, but now we can stop dreaming of a time without real-life lightsabers! Put away […]


It’s Star Wars Month! Darth Vader Is A Sellout.

Star Wars was first released on May 25th 1977.  So many of us remember waiting in long lines just to see the epic film while our parents left us to go shopping in mall as […]




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