Steven Tyler

Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler Join American Idol Judge Panel

American Idol has bred thousands of entertaining acts. It doesn’t matter if we’re watching the winners sing their hearts under the spotlight; It doesn’t matter if we’re watching the failed mutterings of tone-deaf cuckoos fail […]


Stage 1, Scott Weiland 0

First, it was [lastfm]Steven Tyler[/lastfm] of [lastfm]Aerosmith[/lastfm], falling off a stage and messing up his shoulder. Then it was … well … Steven Tyler again, this time with an “assist” from Joe Perry. Now, [lastfm]Stone […]


Steven Tyler Can’t Stay On A Stage

The last time [lastfm]Steven Tyler[/lastfm] fell off a stage, he broke his shoulder, the band had to cancel tour dates, and it almost ended [lastfm]Aerosmith[/lastfm]. At least that time, though, he did it by himself. […]


Steven Tyler Confirmed As New American Idol Judge; Will He Fall Off Their Stage Too?

After swearing he was marked to be the next American Idol judge, rock icon [lastfm]Steven Tyle[/lastfm]r has been confirmed by insiders for Season 10 of American Idol.


Aerosmith Cleaning Up Their Act- “Best Record” To Come

It seemed that the very painful behavior from the boys of [lastfm]Aerosmith[/lastfm] had fans believing the band was on the road to rehab or retirement rather than the recording studio–but the band is claiming that […]


Video Clips of 10 Music Artists Falling On Stage

There’s something about a person falling on their rump roast that is so entertaining — that’s why we’ve compiled a list of videos of people doing just that. What can we say, we love people. […]


Does God Hate Aerosmith? Joe Perry In Motocycle Accident

Last year, [lastfm]Aerosmith[/lastfm] guitarist [lastfm]Brad Whitford[/lastfm] missed a few concerts with a head injury. Bassist [lastfm]Tom Hamilton[/lastfm] needed surgery and had to sit out a while. Singer [lastfm]Steven Tyler[/lastfm] fell off a stage and broke […]


Aerosmith:Makin’ Up to Break Up

There is a lot of passionate hate and equally passionate love in the music entity that is [lastfm]Aerosmith[/lastfm]. They haven’t performed together without drama in forever; but you know what the old adage says: the […]


Aerosmith Is Cocked, Locked And Ready To Rock

The best part of fighting is making up. And after spending months of fighting, with talks of solo albums and replacements, [lastfm]Aerosmith[/lastfm] is making up on stage! Find out more about their North American tour, […]


Aerosmith Releases Tour Dates With Sammy Hagar

After [lastfm]Aerosmith[/lastfm]‘s [lastfm]Steven Tyler[/lastfm] had a rocky start to the year and a visit to rehab, the band has decided to embark on a North American, rock your socks off tour guest starring tequila entrepreneur […]