sticker pimp

Sticker Pimp: Andrew

  Your Name:    Andrew Melton   Your Alias:     Drew/Drewski   City:     Culver City   Your Sign:     Virgo   School You’re Representing:   Santa Monica College   Guilty Pleasure   AM Sports […]


Sticker Pimp: Lane

  Your Name:    Lane   Your Alias:     LJ   City:     West LA   School You’re Representing:   Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI)   Guilty Pleasure   Facebook   Most embarrassing moment?   […]


Sticker Pimp: Rich

Your Name:  Rich Your Alias:   Large Richard, Rich $ (Rich Money)   School Your Representing: The School of Hard Knocks  Your Sign:     Guilty Pleasure: Vanilla Ice, Kevin Federline, pretty much any white rapper  Most Embarassing […]


Sticker Pimp: Jordy

Your Name:  Jordy Your Alias:   Jordy City:   Kansas City -> Los Angeles Your Sign:   Two Hour Parking School You’re Representing: University of Kansas Jayhawks Guilty Pleasure Watching Arrested Development while eating Chipotle Favorite Word? Righteous […]


Sticker Pimp: Rachel

 Your Name:    Rachel  Your Alias:   Rachel  City:    Somewhere far, far away  School You Represent:   Cal State Fullerton  Your Sign:     I’m a fish Guilty Pleasure:   Beards  Fun Fact:   I’m half Mexican    Anything […]


Sticker Pimp: Eric

Your Name:    Eric     Your Alias:     “E” or “E-Bar”   City:     Manhattan Beach   School You’re Representing:   UCSD   Your Sign:     Cancer….summer bday suckas   Guilty Pleasure   Rockin […]


Sticker Pimp: Lauren

 Your Name:  Lauren  Your Alias:    “Red”   Your City:  Hollywood, by way of Philadelphia   Your Sign:    Taurus  School Your Representing:  Temple University and University of Alabama   Guilty Pleasure:  Pearl Jam, horoscopes, and Pinkberry    Favorite Word: […]