Thanks for an awesome JACK'S 9TH SHOW! Check out these Photos and Recap from the show. 


Eva Hambach/Getty Images

Stormy Monday: Your Hurricane Sandy Playlist

The east coast is hanging on through the massive weather storm that is Hurricane Sandy, and hopefully for you, the next day (or two) will just involve staying (safely) inside. If that’s the case for you (and we hope it is), here’s a a playlist to get you through the storm. And no, we didn’t forget about The Scorpions’ “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” we just thought we’d go with some less obvious choices.


(John Gichigi / Allsport / Getty Images)

Jacked Up News: Man Orders Bowling Ball Urn For Ashes

For all the hippies who require guests to wear tie dye at their funerals, you’ve officially been one-upped. A man from the Pittsburgh area requested the Utah company “Storm” to construct a bowling ball urn […]



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